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Welcome to Top 10 Laptop Brands section. The section contain include top 10 laptop brand, Top5, Famous laptop brand, Top rate laptop brand and popular laptop brand in India. If you are looking for new laptop then it is very important for you to know about best laptop brand so you can easily purchase your laptop. Yes, there are many laptop brands in technology market and every brand launch latest laptop and notebook but it’s not more important. Important is consumer because you are the one will be buy laptop and use. So you most want know about laptop feature and specification then you invest your money in laptop brand.

There is Top 10 Laptop Brand you read below article and decide which one is the best for you. If you have any confusion about Choose Best Laptop Brand so read articles in our website.

Here basic overview of Top 10 Laptop Brands

#1 Apple

Apple Company founded was 1 April, 1976 by Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs is owner of Apple Company is always launch new and latest technology like iphone, computer, laptop, macbook, notebook, ipad, ipod. Apple introduced by their electronic product and services in world. It is just little expensive but his consumer always happy with their product and specially iphone and laptop. Apple laptop starting at 50000 up to 1.50,000.

top 10 laptop brands

#2 Sony

Sony was founded 1946 by Masaru Ibuka. Masaru Ibuka owner of sony company his just starting at electronic shop in Tokyo. Sony is japanese multinational company it’s manufactured of all electronic product. Sony launch yet 253 laptop and all laptop is top best for use. Consumer always happy with sony product and services. Sony laptop starting at 22392 to 100000 price.


#3 HP

HP was founded 1 January, 1939 by Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. Both are owner of HP Company and he is always creating smart and latest technology Product. Hewlett-Packard Company mostly know as HP and is one of the best brand for all electronic product. HP always know on people for best product and services. Yeah, it’s just expensive but hp consumer always satisfied with all product and specially laptop users comfort for using hp laptop. Hp launch yet 272 laptop and just starting at 17000 price.


#4 Samsung

Samsung was founded 1938 by Lee Byung-chul, Samsung is a South Korean multinational conglomerate company. Samsung is a very old and popular brand, their always manufactured latest technology product like laptop, Galaxy series and tablet. Samsung consumer always satisfied with all electronic products and their service. Samsung launch yet 254 laptop and starting at 15000.


#5 Lenovo

Lenovo was founded 1984 by Liu Chuanzhi, Lenovo is Chinese multinational company. Lenovo is one of the best brand specially laptop because mostly people choose Lenovo for laptop. Lenovo manufacture laptop with latest technology and their costumer always satisfied with all Samsung electronics product and customer services. Lenovo launch yet 278 laptop and starting at 13000.


#6 Asus

Asus was founded 2 April 1989 by T.H. Tung, Ted Hsu, Wayne Hsieh, M.T. Liao, Asus is Taipei multinational electronics company. Asus manufacture all electronic laptop like Lapotp, desktop, netbooks, LED/LCD, Mobile Phones and more. Specially asus know for best mini laptop and other electronic product. Their all product is best for use and consumer always satisfied with all asus electronic product and laptop. Aus launch yet 124 laptop and starting price at 13000.


#7 Acer

Acer was founded 1976 by Stan Shih et al, Acer is a Taiwanese multinational company. Acer manufacture electronic product like desktop, laptop, tablets, server and more. People mostly know about Acer Company for laptop manufacturing. Acer always gives you best product and service and many people use Acer laptop because it’s no more expensive and consumer easily buy their laptop and use. Acer launch yet 92 laptop and starting at 15000.


#8 Toshiba

Toshiba was founded 1875, Toshiba is a Japanese multinational company. Toshiba always manufacture electronic product like electronic components and materials, power systems, industrial and social infrastructure systems, household appliances, medical equipment, office equipment, lighting and logistics also laptop and notebook. Their customer not be as good as other brand but Toshiba offer wide range of best laptop at lowest cost. Toshiba launch yet 247 laptop and starting price at 17000.


#9 Dell

Dell was founded 1 May, 1984 by Michael Dell, dell is a American multinational computer technology company. If you are looking for laptop and confuse about buy best laptop for use everyday. so you can choose dell laptop, specially inspiron series always popular in their customers. Dell always provide best laptop and services. Dell launch yet 290 laptop and starting at 30000.


#10 MSI

MSI full form is Micro-Star International but mostly people know their as MSI. MSI was founded 1986 by Xu Xiang, Huang Jinqing, Lin Wentong, You Xian’neng and Lu Qilong. MSI is a Taiwanese electronics company based in New Taipei City. MSI manufacture electronic product like Notebooks, Motherboards, video cards and more. MSI launch 20 laptop and starting price just 15000.


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